What’s not to love about the Sand Sea and Surf. 

We live in one of the most gorgeous places, surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the bay. 

Make sure you have a pair of shades that look amazing and have great sun protection. 

Maui Jim    Oroton    Cove    Cazal    Mako    Furla    Nina Ricci  


COVE sunglasses – lots of fun with flirty colours and a summertime vibe. Looking for a pair that are budget friendly and look great, these are the sunnies for you. 


New Oroton sunglass models now available. Perfect for the upcoming summer. Classic styles and great designs at an affordable price, Oroton is a hard range to go past. 

While Oroton is well known for it’s classic black and tortoiseshell vibes, they have also embraced the newer trend of coloured crystal and rose gold metals. Still keeping the frame design classic shapes, the colour variance available is a great chance for a wider audience to indulge in a well loved brand.

Excellent designs for a woman who wants, not only a stylish sunglass, but something that has a slightly more wrapped design with a wider arm to really keep the light out, this particular model – Jacinta – could be the perfect balance of style vs practicality. 

Easy, everyday wear. Beautiful to dress up for a day out and versatile to wear for a walk down the beach or lunch with friends.


NINA RICCI – Model 222

A touch of gold always enhances a sunglass and can give a high end finish and a classier look. Perfect for events such as the races.

NINA RICCI – Model 165

Gorgeous Gold


FURLA – Model 237

Be brave ladies … Be brave!

FURLA – Model 246

Cats eye corners surrounded with soft pinks and cream. 

Ultra feminine, with cut-outs to increase the edgy design of the frame. 

Something different and a talking point


Maui sunglasses are renowned for their amazing polarizing lenses. Unique technology is used to create the best glare protection with stylish and fun frame design made of good quality materials, to create comfortable and relaxed looking sunnies.

Fantastic for everyday wear, whether you’re road tripping, spending the day at the beach or just out for brunch, with their array of lens colours, mirror coatings and frame designs, all you have to decide is what best suits you.

See The Difference…

Once You Try Them, There’s No Going Back!

Coming Soon … “Upside Down Falls” … Crisp colour combos.

Gorgeous for afternoons on the deck, order in time for spring. 

‘KINI KINI’ is a great sharp angled model. Hard edges give this sunglasses a distinct look and dark colours allow the frame to speak for itself. 

Over 40 styles in store…The best way to know what they’re like is to come have a look 


Taking inspiration from the 1980’s, the CAZAL sunglass range epitomizes the unique shapes and granduer. Oversized and defined in it’s own right, a Cazal sunglass is a talking point in itself.

Spectacular tortoiseshell inlaid with 24c gold...LIMITED EDITION