FRAMES – A range of frames to suit all budgets and tastes. Our frames range from $100 – $1500.

Frame selection is an important part when it comes to your eyesight. Most people have a particular taste when it comes to what they would prefer to wear on their face. Our range is quite varied, whether you are after something quirky and a little different, something classic or something very reserved, we certainly can offer you the choice. 

Many of our suppliers are well known suppliers in the optical industry, however may not be a well-known fashion name. Many are European or Japanese made and are exceptional quality.

LENSES – We use CR Surfacing, a local Australian manufacturer for our lenses. 

Lens costs are all different dependent on what you specifically require.

Single Vision – $120 – $150

Bifocal – $156 base price

Multifocal – $294 base price

Intermediate / Computer – $208 base price

Lens costs vary according to your prescription power, the type of spectacles you select, the coatings and tints you might require and the aesthetics of your lens thickness. 

There are a multitude of options available, it’s certainly not a ‘one-fits-all’ scenario. 

We also offer a 2 for $250 – these are a select range of frames and are offered for single vision scripts.

CONTACT LENSES – We offer contact lenses to both existing users and to new clients.

Our optometrists offer a contact lens tutorial which includes:

Initial Teach – 1-2 Teaches (Up to 1-hour each)

Fitting – Making sure they fit correctly, there are no comfort issues and we have the optimal vision for you.

Aftercare – Any follow-up issues. Aftercare lasts for three months from the initial teach.

If you are a completely new contact lens wearer, an out of pocket cost of $140 will be charged by the optometrist, which will include all of the above.


REPAIRS – We can repair nearly ANYTHING. 

Do you have a favourite pair of glasses that you just can’t get rid of, even though it’s been run over by a car? Or your gorgeous dog has decided to use your glasses as a chew toy. Or grandchildren think they’re part of the dress up box?

Regardless of the injury your glasses have sustained, we can repair nearly anything. Not all repairs are done in store and be aware there can be a cost upwards of $80. Sometimes it might be worth it if you just can’t let go of that favourite pair. 

If you’re not sure if it’s savable… pop in and speak to us.


BEHAVIOURAL OPTOMETRY – Our optometrist Eva Wong is a qualified behavioural optometrist, specialising in school aged children. If you think your child might be struggling at school, has headaches or irritated eyes, book an eye test with Eva and she will be happy to explain any issues, and the most appropriate form of action to take. 


THERAPEUTIC CARE – Eva is also qualified as a therapeutic optometrist. 

She can prescribe medications for treatment of eye diseases, eye allergies and other eye conditions. If you are interested in discussing possible options for ongoing care with her, please make an appointment to see her. She is available Wednesdays and Saturdays.