The Oxibis range is a metal range which boasts very thin metal designs. Strong and very durable, however created to be extremely light weight and easy to wear.

Models designed for both men and women, a style to suit everyone.

Thin metal but with a touch of elegance with a curved and coloured brow bar to express a more feminine design. 

Oxibis also has designs which use both metal and acetate. Heavier along the brow bar but with a metal frame below gives an interesting look to a frame that is still extremely light in its overall appeal. 

Nylon designs provide a great style for a man looking for something versatile but with a little bit of an edge as well. Oxibis has used colour in a clever way, putting the colour only along the temples and at the back of the frame, means the colour is not overbearing but still gives these frames something a little extra. 

While finding larger frames can occasionally be problematic, Oxibis offers this particular model which is one of the larger mens frames. Colour options are also available. 

Great styles, Great fun… Give them a try today.

Available in-store now.