Nifties are a fantastic petite range for the people with a smaller face. As it can sometimes be difficult for petite adults to find frames that are small enough, this range gives them the opportunity to see small adult frames, rather than childrens ranges.

Small acetate frames have great colour combinations, soft grey crystals, mottled torts and dark colours.

Lovely cats eyes, this model not only comes in the mottled green colour, but a range of other colours including soft crystals.

Chunky designs like this are also available. 

Great for men and women.

Metal frames are also available in this petite range. This particular model is a very thin metal nylon frame. Very small, light weight frame. 

Two tone plastic frames break up the heaviness that acetate frames can sometimes have. 

Having a mix of colour combinations can give a fresh outlook for any shell frame. 

Excellent unisex frames in this range. Many are suitable for both men and women and the styles and colour combinations work for everyone. 

While the majority of shell frames do not come with nosepads, this shell model does come with them, which means the adjustment capabilities is better than a standard shell frame with no nosepads.