A creative new brand, designer Nathalie Blanc has used her own experience of wearing glasses from a young age to create an optical range that not only has an element of sophisticated difference, but eye wear that “combines the perfect harmony between the eye, the style and the material.”

Hand crafted in the French Jura region, the birthplace of the French eyeglass industry.

Beautiful skill sets to create the finest eyewear have been passed down through generations, and to this day, these skilled artisans are crafting award winning eye pieces. 

Model: Auguste

Model: Patrick
Model: Raphael
Model: Pierre

Unique shell frames made with beautiful acetate to create spectacles that have a defining style, shape and overall look for the wearer.

These petite metal frames are perfect for the client looking for something subtle but with authentic character. 

Perfect metal frame for someone looking for a spectacle without nose pads.

Model: Marcel 

Model: Olivia - Dark Red Burgandy
Model: Olivia - Nude Blush Tort






The ‘Virginie’ model is a classic, elegant frame. Boasting unique texture along the front of the frame to create not only a look that is quite different and very feminine it also has a beautiful line that follows the curve of the eyebrow, to give a balanced look to the overall frame.







Classic black, classic style with gold embellishments to give every woman a touch of class. 

Model: Virginie

Model: Laurent
Model: Henriette
Model: Harry







The ‘Emma’ model is a beautiful aviator, in a rose gold hue.

Lightweight, thin metal, creates a soft, gentle look, while the more masculine aviator style, gives the frame a modern funky edge. 

The rose gold is softer than yellow gold and not as cold as silver, gives customers another colour alternative, in what is normally a very standard choice.



Great model for men. Standard rectangle shape. Acetate material, with a keyhole bridge. 

Great colour options in this model, with textured brushed acetate and deep coloured torts. 

The Nathalie Blanc range has eyewear for both men and women. Shapes and styles can fit perfectly for either depending on shape face and what the client is looking for in their taste and choice of eyewear.