Many customers may be unsure of what their lens options are.

While there is the standard single vision, bifocal and multifocal lenses, there are also a larger range of lens designs that are offered for more specific needs, such as computer glasses, office work and intermediate design lenses that give the user a specific targeted area that they need to focus in.

MULTIFOCALS – Designed to give the wearer optimal vision for standard reading length (40cm) and far distance. Multifocals are the spectacles generally prescribed for people who wear their specs all the time. It is possible to do nearly everything in a multifocal, however, there is some compromising on your intermediate length, ie. computer length. Multifocal lenses are designed to have a gradual shift in power from the top of the lens (distance) to the bottom of the lens (reading).

Some people may find this gradual shift in power, a little uncomfortable to get used to, sometimes it may have the feeling that things in your peripheral vision are moving, but for the majority of cases, your eyes need to be given an opportunity to adjust to this change.

Everyday Lenses – Brilliant for first time multifocal wearers, superbly balanced with fast and easy adaption combined with smooth, soft power gradients.

Everyday Wide Lenses – The go to lens for seasoned multifocal wearers, fast adaption rate incorporating a slightly harder design with super wide near and intermediate zones.

BIFOCALS – Bifocals ultimately do the same job as a multifocal, give you reading and distance vision, however, unlike a multifocal, the two different lengths are very defined and the bifocal line is where the change in power is. Half is distance, half is reading. There is no gradual variation in power.

SINGLE VISION – Single vision lenses, are, in most cases, what people will tend to start with. If you have a pair for reading only or for driving, these are classified as single vision lenses. These are the most basic lens design that you can have made.

FREE FORM OCCUPATIONAL LENSES – Lenses with specific working lengths.

I.T. Lens – Working distance 0.4m – 1m

I.T lenses work perfectly for people working a lot on a computer or in a small office area. These lenses have a much smaller gradual shift than a multifocal, so there is much less chance of distortion. It means that you can read perfectly, but can also look up at a computer or over a desk in an office and it gives you a slightly longer leeway in which you can see.

DEVICE Lens – Working distance 0.4m – 2m

Device lenses are created to use on all devices, including computers, ipads, kindles, phones etc. Ideal for the constant device user, this lens offers excellent field of view in both near and intermediate zones. Designed to specifically enhance device use, this can come with the option of Satin Blue Coating, which stops the blue light radiating off all devices.

TASK Lens – Working distance 0.4m – 4m

The Task lens is a perfect solution for boardroom, classroom or retail environments. Having a wide field of view within a 4m range, means that you are able to keep your glasses on for the capability of reading small print, but can also look up and see a colleague or speak across a room and still be able to see who you are addressing. A versatile lens choice if you’re not quite at the point of wearing your glasses all day like a multifocal, but need a pair that doesn’t compromise your reading or the ability to engage with colleagues or clients in close proximity.


Visual fatigue is becoming more common these days, particularly with the increase of digital device use. Experiencing fatigue, headaches and blurred vision our eyes can feel sore and heavy. The anti-fatigue lens design gives welcome relief to hard working eyes.

For people that are short sighted, even though you probably don’t require “reading lenses” these lenses provide more comfort when doing close work, to relieve the stress of eye strain over long periods.

Lenses are like anything, there is good and bad quality. Not all lens designs are the same.

Just because you have a multifocal from one place, does not necessarily mean it will be the same from elsewhere. Lens designs and the materials they are made from play a big part in how well you see and the lens options you are provided with.

At Mt Eliza Optical, we are proud to work in conjunction with an Australian made and owned lens laboratory, CR Surfacing. Using the most up to date lens technology and the newest lens designs, means we can offer clients the most optimal performing lenses for whatever requirements they are needed for.

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