Large chunky crystal frames.

Adding a very light colour to a crystal frame makes them a little more user friendly. Great alternative if you are looking for something a little different without having too much colour.

Sharp uplifted Cats Eye frames

Statement making eyewear

Whether its a sharp cats or a softer version, the style is excellent in making sure your frame shape is not dragging your face down. 

Lively and Uplifted frame selections

The EPOS range, boasts a fun and contemporary style. Great models and colour ranges. Perhaps a first pair of spectacles or just that pair for work, this range gives the wearer not only a selection of styles to pick from but also some of the most on trend colour choices we are seeing at the moment. 

From the traditional and well loved tortoiseshell, now available in matte finishes, solid bright hues and also the re-imagined two-tone fades. 

Great ranges at an affordable price.

Beautiful solid colours. 

Bright reds and blues are always a fun addition as a second pair

Incorporating eclectic shapes into a range can give a wider appeal to multiple people. While there has been a lot of round eyes featured in many brands, we are now seeing an influx of hexagonal and octagonal shapes appearing as well. At first glance, you may feel this is a little too odd for your taste, however, it can be found that this shape can actually suit face shapes a little better than a true round-eye. Don’t write-off the little odd-ball, they are a lot more fun and fanciful than what they get credit for!

Whether it is soft pastel, matte tonal finishes or high gloss business attire you are looking for, EPOS does it’s best to cater for every need.