Lovely touches of bright colour and two-tone colourings give an interesting design to a lot of the Van Staveren frames 

Bright colours, whether they’re solid or a mix match. Van Staveren frames have a lovely colour palette that they use. Lots of the frames have a translucent colour which allows the light to pentrate through giving a really nice glow to the frame.

Van Staveren metal frames are generally a mix of colours. Like this model, they do use unique temple designs which creates a bit more interest on a standard frame design. They also have available mens metal frames, generally in gold, silver and gun metal. 

Great colour blends and mixes. Not one to shy away from a splash of colour, these two are great examples of how the Van Staveren brand uses colour in quite a dramatic way. Mottled patterns and designs give the frames a fun and young vibe.

Marc Vincent is another brand of Van Staveren eyewear. Centering on the very ‘on trend’ crystal designs, there are great designs featuring this colour palette. A versatile combination of metal and shell, this frame works well on both a younger clientele and a more mature lady also. 

Generally half eyes get a pretty bad wrap, but as far as versatility goes, they are simply perfect. It can be a real hassle having to take off and put on reading glasses, half eyes give you the perfect pair to be able to wear and look over when you need to, minimising the need to actually remove them. Available in both plastic and metal designs with colour options available. Definitely something to think about if your lifestyle requires practicality over fashion-forward thinking. 

Cute round eyes are still very current. Some great models for adolescents who may be going into their first pair of glasses for school and work. 



There is of course the slightly more square look as well, many of these have a very small uplift on their outer corners, enhancing the lift of the spectacles. While many people feel this is what a ‘cats-eye’ is, it is generally very subtle and for most people, lifting your facial features is much more appreciated than having a pair that’s dragging you down. 



Fun, flirty brand also carried by Van Staveren is the Martin Wells range. Taking inspiration from the 1950’s, the frames speak for themselves!