Danish Eyewear Company, Prodesign, has a beautiful range of eyewear.

Very strong and well made using good quality materials and frame designs that can be adjusted to each clients individual needs. 


Lovely feminine cats eyes. Dark tortoiseshells and light crystals. Available with and without nosepads.

This model boasts a solid colour on top with a tort colouring below. While it is dark colouring, once in daylight, you can definitely see the colour variance and the easy to wear shape for both men and women. This frame also comes with the option of having nosepads or keeping it like a normal standard shell fit, which generally doesnt have nosepads.

Bright, beautiful colours with patterned designs makes a fun change from solid colours. Prodesign also creates some frames that are more petite for the adult with a smaller face. 

Creative temple designs can give a somewhat standard frame a different sort of appeal. If a bit too much colour on the front is not your thing, a little colour or pattern on the arm, can always give you the lift you might be looking for. 

A new design with a denim feel running along the top line of this model, definitely a different aspect and a different look for this frame. 

Thin, lightweight metal frames are coming through with some beautiful colours and shapes. The newest craze with metals is very thin frame designs, strong and durable titanium, but with the feel of something so lightweight, you barely know it’s there. 

Crystal frames are still great sellers, and Prodesign has some feminine crystal colours as well. Soft pink hues can really enhance a crystal coloured frame.