Uniquely and skillfully made. The Kenzo Takada frames are made with the utmost care for its product. From the etched engraving and quality…It’s all in the detail.

Beautifully designed, Kenzo spectacle frames need to be seen and touched before you believe. The amount of effort and beauty created for a product so petite and light is simply incredible. 

Mixing black, gun metal and gold gives this mens frame a solid masculine appeal, with classic integrating colours. It’s designed to look heavy along the brow bar, with the gun metal along the bottom of the frame giving a balanced look.

All of the Kenzo Takada frames have a unique “delicate engraving on the bridge, the bar and the temples and are reminiscent of 1920’s jewellery details.”

The craftsmanship is seen in the smallest details of each frame. 

The Kenzo Takada’s family emblem, the Campanule flower, can be seen on the temple ends, as a distinctive finishing feature. 

The strength of each frame can be felt when trying them on. While their lightweight and sometimes, clean and simple appearance may seem a little benign, the quality of the frame is undeniable. 

Made with titanium and interspersed with deep colour such as earthy browns and heavy blues to engage with the classic golds and silvers.