Well known brand Furla has lovely frame designs, both in metal and acetate ranges. Easy to wear and classic, while not too over-the-top, gives the wearer a suitable pair of glasses for a multitude of occasions. 

Furla has some great new designs. Their metal frames have a little more interest than your standard metal frames. Available in soft pastel colours, they also have a range of shapes, lovely octagonals and quirky shapes like this model.

The Furla Eyewear collection mirrors the spirit of the brand, proposing frames with flowing and elegant lines, designed to meet the wishes of an exacting, alluring, up-to-date and self confident woman.

Contemporary fashion, creativity, elegance and timeless simplicity.

Nylon frames are a good choice for people that might like a softer looking frame, as there is only part frame rather than having a full frame all the way around. Lighter looking on the face and a good alternative to a complete rimless.

Shell frames showing a lot of solid colour, like reds and purples, great classic shapes and styles.

Colourings such as black matched with tort are a standard in the Furla range. Beautiful mixed tones, blended in new ways to create different elements for a classic, and a favourite.

Combination styles where they use both metal and acetate are more common these days. Can sometimes give the feeling that the frames can be a little more dressed up if heading out at night, rather than a full acetate pair.