Face-A-Face has always had classic, beautiful shape frames that are crafted to silhouette a face in the most flattering way. 

We are excited to announce that new stock has just arrived in store and not only are the frame designs lovely, but the colours this season are phenomenal. From fire engine red, to translucent pinks, the aqua blues and greens, and colours that are fused together to create an updated and fresh new vibe….Not to be missed, come in today.

Creating combinations that highlight the intricate details and patterning that is shown in the Face-A-Face range, using high end acetate to illuminate the colours, is what has been done to show off the new colour combinations and perfect the unique artistic design of the creators.

Colour Combos are the big hit in this range…colours are vibrant, bright and in your face; all-out orange, vibrant blues, racy reds, not to mention the rest of the rainbow.

“Hello Gorgeous…”

Come in and have a play today