The 1980’s are back!

The CAZAL brand is an iconic range, which was huge in the 1970s-1980s. 

The current range has been reproduced to mimic the original designs, the oversized, bold black designs is what makes these spectacles and sunglasses a show stopper. 

The CAZAL brand impresses upon the wearer that they are wearing a piece of jewellery. Not for the faint-hearted, you wear these with pride and swagger and suave. 

Own them! That is what they were designed for.  If you have an inner rock star hidden deep down, this is the brand to bring it out. 

Cazal was created by Austrian eyewear designer, Carl Zalloni. The 1980’s saw a plethora of Cazals being worn by rappers and hip hop artists. 

Cazal sunglasses were and are a behemoth in the sunglass industry. Cazal eyewear is still worn by some of the greats today, including Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Kanye West.

Beyonce Cazal


The Cazal range highlights both the dominant heavy impact acetate frames, but also caters to a market, who are looking for a style with a softer impact. The titanium metal frames, while classic designs and colours, are still made to show off creative flair along the temple edges and double brow bars. 

These designs work as the traditional male shapes are both charismatic and original, but without having that “same-same” feeling about them. 

Small amount of bravado and flair, for the man who likes to appreciate the good things in life.

Gold trimming features highly in nearly the complete range of Cazal, with a few exceptions. 

Gold trimming can be seen on both acetate and metal frames, and also as a combination to incorporate both material types to enhance the piece of eyewear. 

The mens range of Cazals has a definitive design approach. From all of the models, we can see that the heavy squares and rectangle shapes are a dominant feature, as well as very prominent angles. 

Having a distinctive vibe and feel to them, Cazal Mens are designed for a particular clientele, who can not only carry off the design features, but who can wear them confidently. 

More like jewellery, than spectacles, these amazing eye pieces are one-of-a-kind.

The ladies Cazal range is beautifully created with sleek golds and feminine curves. Made with titanium, these frames are light to wear with a classic elegance.

Shiny blacks, blues and silvers create the soft look designs and flowing curves of the metal Cazals. The softer colours give an uplifting appeal to this range, and is an easy-to-wear frame for a variety of faces.



Heavy brow bars create a standout piece. While it is a very defined part of the frame, they are cleverly created to make sure the frame looks balanced and sits perfectly on the face to make them a standout eyepiece. 

Heavy acetate frames are solid and heavy looking. Whether it’s heavy blacks or brazen solid colours, these acetate frames are bold and unique, and many are inlaid with metal highlights to tie the whole look together. If you’re inspired by a spectacle frame that creates a conversation, these frames will certainly be that conversation starter.