Brendan O’Keefe’s exclusive handmade frames are unique in themselves, but what makes these frames a cut above the rest, is that Brendan often goes to the extent of hand making his own manufacturing equipment before crafting the frame. 

“After designing a new frame it usually takes about four months of making prototypes and fine tuning before the frame is ready for the market”

“This is partly because I’m using innovative new materials, techniques and designing and making my own unique components; hinges and springs from stainless steel. It all seems to take time”

Australian Designed…and Made

O’Keefe is one of very few Australian eyewear designers who hand makes his frames himself. “I design and make my own frames, and being handmade, I can only manage about 20 frames per week. I use to think about global markets but after a while I realised I could hardly keep up with production for the Australian market”

The advantage of personally designing and making frames is that he can be highly responsive to the wearer’s needs. “I can talk directly to the optical practices – the people at the coal face – and get feedback and a feel for what’s happening in the market here, which can be quite different to what is happening overseas”

Brendan’s frames are made using a unique click hinge, meaning that the arms do not rely on screws to stay together. Unique both in the way they are made and designed, if you are looking for frames that possess character and a substantial difference to other ranges on the market, Brendan’s frames are ‘one of a kind’

Making each frame by hand, rather than pumping them through conveyor belts, thousands at a time, takes skill and precision to make sure they come out perfect. 


Beautiful frames full of colour, texture, skill and made by a designer who crafts to the needs of the customer.