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Designer eyewear, whatever your style...

Experienced spectacle maker since 1983 - Exclusive spectacles created just for you




Face-A-Face have always endeavored to provide beautiful quality frames, which many of our clients can tell when they try them on. 

Brave when it comes to textures and colours; the new range also boasts curvaceous matte-finish metal frames, inlaid with golds and bold colours to enhance the unique designs.

Beautiful choice of spectacle ranges available, varying from budget friendly to limited editions. If you are looking for something a little different, you are sure to find something to suit your taste in this boutique store. We are a friendly family run business and are happy to welcome you in-store simply to browse or if you have any queries we would be happy to help. 

We use Australian made lenses, which are created with top of the line materials to make sure you have the best vision possible. 

Whether you have worn glasses for as long as you can remember or you’re a first-time wearer, we always endeavour to make the experience a positive one for all of our clients.

We stock collections that we feel are great quality and are made in a way that means we can fit your spectacles the right way for you. 

The ranges have a multitude of different and unique things to each of them. Traversing from the bright fun-loving colours of the rainbow, to opaque rich tones to the subtle transparency of crystals into marbled mixtures of earthy hues. There is an abundance to choose from.

Every spectacle owner is different. Whether your glasses last you ten years or perhaps it’s an achievement if they last the year out, we can cater to your life and what you need your glasses to achieve for you. Life can be very rough-and-tumble…lovable grandchildren who think your glasses are the newest plaything or the families new puppy who is enjoying your glasses arm as its new chew toy, we know life is hectic. Let us help you find the frame that will withstand your lifestyle.


Think of your spectacles as a piece of art…Many have been crafted to sit fluidly against the face, perfectly framing the shape of your inimitable eyes…your eyes are your own, just like your fingerprints. 

Enjoy the knowledge that you can frame them with beauty.



The ‘Decades’ range has been reinvigorated by Oliver Goldsmith. The creative element behind this has been to recreate the most iconic sunglasses for each decade for the past 90 years. 

While the overall shapes and distinctive styles will be well known by many people, and the famous faces who wore them throughout the ages, these eye pieces are courageous in design and well known as icons.



Each style is a meticulously researched representation of something monumental that was taking place in eyewear fashion and lifestyles at that time.


Round lenses were introduced in the early 1900s and maintained popularity throughout the 20s and 30s. Metal wire driving glasses with pre-tinted lenses that also encompassed leather side cups became hugely popular and really coined the look of 1920s eyewear.


The 1930s brought us coloured lenses that could absorb both ultraviolet and infrared light. 

Fashion was highly influenced by stars of the silver screen. Greta Garbo popularized the windblown look, with her side-parted hair. Vogue 1939 is also one of the most visually iconic covers, showcasing 1930 eyewear fashion perfectly.


The 1940s saw Bausch & Lomb launch the original aviators. This is the style from which all future aviator sunglasses originate along with the even more famous “General” brow bar designed to improve the balance of the sunglasses on the face. 

The “teardrop” shape lens was designed to accomodate pilots who were constantly looking down at their instruments while in flight, and all aviators are recognized by this lens shape.


By the 1950s spectacles were considered part of a persons wardrobe. Similar to clothes, eyeglasses needed to be continually updated. The biggest trend was the ‘browline’ combining both metal and plastic. The browline was so popular after the second World War that it made up 50 percent of all eyeglass sales moving right into the 1950s.


The 60s were dominated by strong black and white shapes and a newfound sense of futurism. High fashion became synonymous with oversized bug-eye glasses. Jackie O was a huge fan of the bug-eye look, as was Audrey Hepburn, both frequently photographed wearing these supersized black frames. 

Their popularity and influential styles had a major effect on women at that time and helped to solidify this look as chic and very 1960s.


Free loving hippies took cues from John Lennon, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin. Rimless round glasses, oversized, rainbow coloured and gradient shaded lenses from lemon and psychedelic pink to trippy turquoise were just the tip of the style iceberg. Oversized, fantastical glasses a la Elton John and his disco-fever friends meant the more extravagant and theatrical, the better. Oversized frames ruled the dance floor during the Disco era. 


Ray-Ban’s Wayfarers made a resurgance among the hottest celebrities and musicians in the 80’s, Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Blues Brothers, and, most notably, Tom Cruise in Risky Business put Wayfarers back on the sartorial map. 

A keen interest in wearing vintage clothing and eyewear was cool again, and this newfound interest in vintage has not waned since.


The 1990’s has always been the lost decade, overshadowed by the ever beloved 80’s. 

A rise in demand for sports and performance eyewear saw people wanting stronger lighter frames, that wrapped around the face.This look dominated the look of this decade and it’s not a look that anyone would want replicated. Having said that, lurking in the background firmly in the world of fashion was the “Flat Top” VISOR and this was without a doubt a more slick and iconic look for the 1990’s to be remembered for. 


From 2000 onwards it was all about “vintage” and looking back for inspiration. Everything from round to square, from acetate to metal, from wayfarer to cat eye, for ten years it was all about retro. 

The wayfarer and the cat eye became the go to shapes during this decade, and so this frame represents what we refer to as the “Cat-Farer” and with it, the Decade of 2000.


Since 2010 there has been more innovation than ever. Sunglasses made from wood, leather, 3D printed in both plastic and metal, hundreds of talented small independent designers, small very unique collections, completely new takes on old design concepts, hybrid versions of classics. 

2010 in the Decades collection is future thinking with a good classic timeless quality to see it through the Decades with relevance. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!!

Reduce Waste, Reuse an item that’s still working and Recycle products that could potentially be of assistance to someone else….

Don’t throw them out – Let’s as a community do our part and help to reduce, reuse and recycle our unwanted glasses

Regardless of the state of your lenses, if you have old frames you no longer use or want, we collect them on behalf of the Lions Club, who then donates them to the less fortunate. 

Let us recycle your unwanted glasses for use in less privileged countries. 

Your donation will be a Gift of Sight! 

* Any spectacles taken. Drop off in store *