Gorgeous Hand-Crafted Japanese Frames. 

Stunning quality and made with skill and beautiful colour combinations.


If you are after a quality pair of glasses which will last you, you simply cannot go past the Masunaga range. These frames are made with high end quality materials, which can actually be felt when you handle and try on these products. 

A large range in-store, these frames are made in Japan and emphasize bold, heavy looks. With stunningly dark and moody colour choices, if you are looking for a frame that is a statement piece but one that you can happily and comfortably wear for daytime and still look stunning for a night out, these frames are simply the top pick. 


    Masunaga - 062 #13



 Masunaga - GMS 820 #35


 Masunaga - GMS 823 #45


 Masunaga - Ocean Drive #23


  Masunaga - 051


  Masunaga - 060


   Masunaga - Van Alen #29


  Masunaga - 009


  Masunaga - 024


   Masunaga - 020


  Masunaga - 065 #34 - Limited Edition


  Masunaga - Urbanite #33


  Masunaga - Basie #35


  Masunaga - 063




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