Boz Eyewear  

A little quirky, like to live life on the edge.

BOZ will certainly help you do that. Unique creations that are certainly not found in your average store. Crafted to give each wearer the feeling that when they put their specs on in the morning, they're ready to face the world head on, wearing beautiful style and eye catching fashion....Make a splash and make people notice!



SCANDALE - A piece created for the amusement and delight of an audience. You are the masterpiece of this OTT piece of drama ... Courage and a quest for the creative and dramatic is required to pull this off!




 Beautiful and subtle colour tones for this quirky brand, possibly one of their more sedate pieces. Wear it well and know you're wearing something special.




Simple and Elegant - the 'BIG UP' model may look as though it's not a show pony, but don't let it deceive you. This piece is sexy, strong and needs someone with lots of SASS



 AZALEE - Soft, Feminine, Curvaceous. Beautiful lines.





Sharp Cats Eye Feature. Bold and not for the faint hearted.











Pushing The Boundaries

Can You Do It All?

Sharply exaggerated and defined features, the cats eye outline make this frame unique and a special breed to wear. If the design wasn't enough to entice your quirky side, there's nothing a little added glitter can't fix!




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